#3. Have you checked "Twine Now"?

#3. Have you checked "Twine Now"?

Twine Now! is a new feature in the TwineIn app, aimed to transform our app into a platform where people can find company instantly. In the world of food-on-demand and content-on-demand, we’re building a feature that promises company-on-demand.

All one needs to do is navigate to Twine Now! section and send one message to users who are currently online, without the necessity of creating a plan. For users, who don’t make any plans using Twine Now!, against their profile, we will show “Impromptu" meet-up as their plan

How's it Unique?

Faster - This saves people from the uncertainty around when they’ll get responses from people they’re interested in connecting with.

Simpler - It also addresses key feedback from a lot of users, who’d say “I don’t really have a plan but would I’m bored and it’d be nice to connect with someone”.

Direct - It also allows them to connect faster with people - in one click and without having to create elaborate plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What additional benefits will “Twine Prime” users have?

“Twine Prime” users will be able to send one message each to any number of users through “Twine Now” but free users can only send one message each to just 2 people on a given day.

2. Will all users be on Twine Now? What if we want to disable this feature?

By Default, everyone would be considered to have opted-in for this feature. We have provided a toggle button for users to opt-out of Twine Now! As long as someone has opted out of Twine Now!, those users won’t be visible in the Twine Now!